Strengthening Our Communities
• Build caring communities
• Welcome immigrants and refugees
• Oppose bigotry and white supremacy

Supporting the Green New Deal as a Galvanizing Momentum for Change
• Tracking climate change and pollution
• Creating good, high-paying jobs
• Counteracting racial and economic inequity
• Rebuilding Infrastructure
• Clean Manufacturing Revolution
• Climate-Friendly Farming

Providing Adequate, Affordable Healthcare for All
• Support a public plan option making Medicare available through the ACA
• Establish regulations to help limit the price of prescription drugs
• Restore funding for research on cures for HIV, malaria, and other infectious diseases
• Establish policies to address drug abuse and the opioid crisis

Fighting for Justice and Equality for All
• Support disadvantaged communities
• Protect the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals
• Support the rights of indigenous peoples
• End systemic racism • Stop profiting from poverty
• Reduce incarceration rates and end punitive bonds
• Reform immigration and provide a path to citizenship

Advocating for Working Families
• Raise the minimum wage and index it to inflation
• Support and strengthen labor unions
• Tax the wealthiest Americans and ensure that they pay their fair share
• Enact paid family leave

Educating Young People for the Future
• Provide early childhood education for all children
• Protect public education from privatization to ensure that all children have an equal chance at success
• Make higher education affordable
• Expand grants
• Make student loans affordable

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